Is the time right?

When taking on a project, I make sure that the 3D work needed can be managed within the given time. If i’m asked to create visuals or any other 3D related work for a project that has an unclear objective I usually question it, decline or ask for more time. I also suggest alternative methods … Continue reading Is the time right?

Choosing the right projects

In many cases, as a 3D designer, you will be asked to create work on various concepts, but if you’re assigned a project to work on that you’re uncomfortable with, you should feel free to suggest an alternative way to tackle your assignment. In either case, there are several criteria you should consider. First, of … Continue reading Choosing the right projects

The essential guide to learning how to master 3d rendering

If you’re learning 3D design and after opening the render settings of your chosen 3D software, you’re intimidated by the number of settings and variations, and having no clue what any of the terminology mean, it’s tempting to just shut everything down or just use the basic settings and click render. This might work for … Continue reading The essential guide to learning how to master 3d rendering