10 Signs you’re a 3D designer

As you know there aren’t many 3D designers in the world. Some of us work alongside other professionals only to get the job done. Others do it to please the client so they can establish a good reputation. And then there are those who know that the work they produce is so much more than … Continue reading 10 Signs you’re a 3D designer

A creative’s 8 steps to online domination.

A creative needs to use social media to share their work. We all know how hard it is to share our work online and on social media. Especially when it comes to sharing on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. There’s too much noise on all these platforms and just thinking about sharing your work … Continue reading A creative’s 8 steps to online domination.

Is the time right?

When taking on a project, I make sure that the 3D work needed can be managed within the given time. If i’m asked to create visuals or any other 3D related work for a project that has an unclear objective I usually question it, decline or ask for more time. I also suggest alternative methods … Continue reading Is the time right?

Choosing the right projects

In many cases, as a 3D designer, you will be asked to create work on various concepts, but if you’re assigned a project to work on that you’re uncomfortable with, you should feel free to suggest an alternative way to tackle your assignment. In either case, there are several criteria you should consider. First, of … Continue reading Choosing the right projects

Merge two or more shapes or lines in Vectorworks

This seems to come up a lot. It’s very simple thing to do but some people don’t know how to merge 2 or more already drawn lines or shapes into on in Vectorworks. So here goes… Select the two (or more) shapes Go to modify and find the ‘Compose’ command That’s it. Your lines or … Continue reading Merge two or more shapes or lines in Vectorworks