The best tools I know to develop your 3D design skills


I have put together some of the best tools and resources help you develop your 3D design skills. I only recommend things that I genuinely believe in.


3D Design Software

  • Cinema 4D | One of my main production and design tool
  • Blender | I haven’t used it much but it has great potentials
  • SketchUp | I use it from time to time but only as a support software
  • Photoshop | I use it all the time. It is one of a  3D designer’s most invaluable tool
  • Illustrator | I use it to mostly draw complex vector shapes and logos for C4D
  • InDesign | Great for putting presentations together

Motion Design Software

  • After effects| If you create animations. AE also integrates very well with C4D
  • Final Cut| This one is my favourite for editing shots

General Web stuff and software

  • Squarespace | Easy website design tool for creatives.
  • WordPress | This site was created using WordPress. It’s simple and very flexible.
  • Evernote | Keeps track of your inspirations, ideas and memos as you work on your 3D design projects
  • Trello | Online Project management tool
  • Quicktime player | I do screencast recordings with it. An quick and easy feature most people never use.
  • Pano2VR ! A small software that creates virtual tours that can be shared online.


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