Guiding the topic

An important thing to remember I’m deciding on wether to take on a 3D project is not to embark on anything you are uncomfortable with or that you feel you don't know enough about. I have been a 3D designer for a few years now, but I have had very little experience in producing visuals... Continue Reading →

A rounded view

If you're like most 3D designers, you've probably taken a course or done some tutorials teaching you specific skills in 3D at one time or another. Most courses and online tutorials I have taken concentrate on the techniques of 3D. They're great on topics such as modelling, rendering, and lighting. These are important techniques to... Continue Reading →

The 3D Designer myth 01

Your work has to tell a story. If you’re not careful, as a 3D designer, you will get caught in this trap. The trap of forcing your work to tell a story when it actually doesn’t need to. This advice is told to many designers out there and I thoroughly disagree. Your work doesn’t need... Continue Reading →

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