10 Signs you’re a 3D designer

As you know there aren’t many 3D designers in the world. Some of us work alongside other professionals only to get the job done. Others do it to please the client so they can establish a good reputation. And then there are those who know that the work they produce is so much more than just creating beautiful imagery.

So, here are the 10 signs that you’re a true 3D designer.

  1. You know that you’re meant to help sell a project to a potential client.
  1. You easily find alternative solutions to design problems that no one else would have thought of.
  2. You are more sensitive than the average designer. You can sense and see things that others can’t because you’re more in tune with the work and spend a lot more time looking at it that any other contributor, but that also makes it hard for you to disconnect and look at the work objectively.
  1. You have the innate ability to see the finished space and design in your mind’s eye, and you know exactly how you’re going to pull it all together before you even start working on the project.
  1. You’re an introvert and struggle to find room or even patience to deal with the nonsense you see on a day-to-day basis and only wish that everyone could understand that the work you and everyone around you does isn’t saving lives.
  1. You feel like you don’t belong inside the industry because it seems to you that a lot of designers lack soul and purpose. When you try to communicate that to others in the industry they laugh you out the room or disregard your opinions.
  1. You quickly feel drained after you’ve spent too much time around people who’s sole purpose is to look after number one, and keep making the same mistakes over and over.
  1. Sometimes you find yourself working with contractors, lighting designers, sketch artists and sound designers not because they are necessarily the best, but because somehow you feel drawn to them.
  1. You feel like you’re more of a therapist than a designer because you tend to attract other professionals who can sense that you will perfectly understand what they need in order to do their work well.
  1. When you start on a project, you can sense from the beginning wether the end result will be good or bad.

If the above points resonate with you, you understand how easy it is to let others tell you that what you do is not essential.

However, as a 3D designer, it’s crucial that you do the work that you want to do and express to the world who you truly are using the media channels that suit you best. For me, writing is great, some of you might prefer audio and start a podcast or do videos.

You are here as a creator of some of the best marketing and selling material pre and potentially post-completion of a project with your 3D design skills.

I really hope that you cease being so hard on yourself, take time to document and share your journey and highlight the ideas you come up with everyday so that you can create the kind of work that is completely unique to you.

Once you’ve devoted a routine and a system around your unique way of sharing your work and contribution, you’ll have room to grow into your role as a 3D designer.


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