A creative’s 8 steps to online domination.

A creative needs to use social media to share their work.

We all know how hard it is to share our work online and on social media. Especially when it comes to sharing on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. There’s too much noise on all these platforms and just thinking about sharing your work is exhausting. The worse thing is that it also takes a lot of time. If you’re like me, you have many projects you’re working on and things to do, which is why you’ll want to be smart when it comes to sharing on social media.

A while ago, I realised that I had to come up with a marketing process that constantly works for me so I don’t run out of steam. When I put a sharing system in place for my work, I literally put my content sharing on Autopilot.

Here is how I do it.

1. I Set up my Email list

I need people to see my work, so I have to get their attention wherever they are and it’s up to me to start a relationship and converting them on my website(s) to sign up for my email list and getting them into my funnel.

On all my online ‘homes’, websites etc… I set up a form to collect email addresses. This form sometimes lives in the footer of some pages. Either way I make it visible anywhere I can. Then I create something for free to send out whenever I get a new sign up.

2. I try to create great content

I try to stand out. I think like the editor of my favourite magazine and come up with interesting content that directs people to my online ‘homes’.

3. I have Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

These accounts are set up as business accounts so I get the analytics.

4. I create my content for those platforms with the least amount of effort necessary

All my pillar content (tutorials, blogs, videos etc…) always live on my website(s) first. From a blog post I create an image with a format that works for all the above platforms. Vertical for Pinterest, Square for Instagram and horizontal for Facebook. Image format is important when sharing your work. Don’t just use the same image format on all platforms. Also, make each image headline slightly different for each platform. When people browse their social medial accounts, they are in very specific mind frames, so you need to respect that and not share the same headlines and copy everywhere.

5. I send people to specific locations online.

When I pin an image, share a blogpost, or create a tutorial, I make sure I don’t just send people to my home page. I know I get annoyed when this happens to me so I don’t waste people’s time by making them search around for the blog post or article they want to see.

6. I Use specific keywords

I’m a designer / artist so every time I post something I use very specific keywords that relate to my content and industry.

People still search using words although images create the impact. On Instagram, hashtags dominate, on Pinterest and Facebook not so much but the words you use are still very important.

7. I’m consistent

I try to share content regularly. I schedule time to create content weekly and I use tools that help me do that.

8. I’m a tour guide for my content

If I want someone to sign up after they read my post, I make sure it’s obvious. If I want them to check out my work, I also make sure they know my intent. I’m the tour guide of my digital ‘homes’.

As a creative, you need people to know about and see what you are creating. When you start getting traffic to your ‘homes’, you can then convert your viewers into an audience.

Remember. All creatives have viewers. Lucky creatives have fans. But the most fortunate creatives build audiences.

Your audience is your secret weapon.


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