Is the time right?

When taking on a project, I make sure that the 3D work needed can be managed within the given time. If i’m asked to create visuals or any other 3D related work for a project that has an unclear objective I usually question it, decline or ask for more time. I also suggest alternative methods if the deadline cannot be moved. Sometimes the opposite situation happens. I may be given more time than I need, and this also raises a red flag. Trying to expand a one hour job to fill a whole day isn’t efficient. The output, whether it’s a series of 3D visuals or working drawings will become tedious and boring.

These days I produce 3D work for experiential and brand events. I usually produce a series of 3D visuals in a sequence that helps explain the concept to clients along with plans and elevations. This usually takes a couple of days on average for a small project, but if I’m given a whole week to achieve the same result, the result may be worse. Although I’d have plenty of details to fill that much time, I would not want to keep producing for a whole week because I know that adding more unnecessary details to the work usually makes the output worse, if not confusing. To solve the problem, I create the work in stages so others can see the progress and direction the work is taking. This breaks up the work into smaller segments and allows others to participate and comment on it. Others input is not always practical nor needed, but when it is, it can be a powerful tool for me.


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