Guiding the topic

An important thing to remember I’m deciding on wether to take on a 3D project is not to embark on anything you are uncomfortable with or that you feel you don’t know enough about. I have been a 3D designer for a few years now, but I have had very little experience in producing visuals for residential projects.

I would welcome the opportunity to produce work for, say, a retail project, but I wouldn’t jump into trying produce quality visuals for a hospitality project at this point, because It’s just not my field. I have some ideas on how to produce for those types of projects, but I don’t have the credentials that make my opinions worth considering.

Before you accept to work on a project, be certain that whoever initiates it has a realistic understanding of your abilities. Otherwise, you might oversell yourself and therefore be unable to meet their expectations. Not long ago, I was asked to work on a film project and produce a scene involving special effects and destruction.

Now, I don’t think of myself as a “special effects” person. My work has been mostly of the experiential, retail and events type -that is, brand events & experiences, auto-shows etc…Although I enjoy good special effects, I would do them for fun only, at my own pace, and rarely think about going down the professional special effects “stuff”.

I told the client this and he assured me that the movie was a short one and the expectation were not very high. He also said that he would appreciate some practical tips on 3D production. Only after receiving that assurance did I accept to work on the project. Because his expectations were realistic, and the work I produced was a success.


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