A rounded view

If you’re like most 3D designers, you’ve probably taken a course or done some tutorials teaching you specific skills in 3D at one time or another. Most courses and online tutorials I have taken concentrate on the techniques of 3D. They’re great on topics such as modelling, rendering, and lighting. These are important techniques to learn, and as I continue to share content in this space, there’ll be plenty of technique driven content for improving proving your 3D techniques. However, I more importantly take what I call a rounded view approach. By that I mean I consider the whole area of 3D design, from starting a project and liaising with various other professionals and preparing visual assets to delivering the various visual outputs and handling revisions and feedback from the clients.

In addition, I’ll be going over some things you’re not likely to find in any 3D training or course. I believe you cannot separate the story from the making of the visual or the delivery of it. No matter how skilful you are at doing 3D work, you will not be a good 3D designer if you have nothing important to convey or if the visual output and techniques you choose are inappropriate for the presentation. Nor can you be an effective 3D artist if you do not master the fundamentals of good listening.

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