The 3D Designer myth 01

Your work has to tell a story.

If you’re not careful, as a 3D designer, you will get caught in this trap. The trap of forcing your work to tell a story when it actually doesn’t need to. This advice is told to many designers out there and I thoroughly disagree. Your work doesn’t need to be a small story. Most of us 3D designers work in the design industry which is a service based industry. Most agencies provide design services to their clients, and that is easy to forget. Therefore we are hired to supply a service and an end result. Wether it’d be modelling an interior, enhancing someone else’s sketch, bringing an idea to life etc… there is a team in place to deliver the final result and usually there is a position labelled 3D design, and that is where we are meant to deliver. Your work telling a story is not going to decide wether you can do the work or not. Your work needs to show your abilities and the end result. Anyone leading a project that requires a 3D designer will want to know if you can sit down tomorrow and get on with the work that needs to be done.

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