Me in 10 seconds

I’m a ‘3D designer’ with a focus on brand experiences and events. I studied Interior Design and Technology and really enjoyed the technology part of my course.

Before getting into 3D design, I studied fine arts an learned to develop my own visual identity. you can check out what I make in my spare time here.

Benin native, I grew up in France and now live in London.

Before moving to London, or working with agencies like Imagination, Creative Resource and Special Projekt, I was a teenager from Paris, that abandoned traditional education and set my focus on creativity and the Arts in London. With no experience or language skills, my only goal was to work my way from Paris to London, become a creator and make things happen.

The only thing I left Paris with was my deep curiosity for the unknown . I started with what I had, I set goals and just went for it. I knew that getting tangible results would take a lot of hard work, discipline, and consistency.



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